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Marina Fédier, sister of Bruno Lussato, opened two cultural centers in France with her brother: one in Montfort L’Amaury and the other in Mesnuls where she was a lecturer. Her artistic sensibility enabled her to get close to leading artists of the 20th and 21st centuries, including Salvador Dali, Georges Mathieu, Sonia Delaunay, Henry Moore and Bill Viola.
She managed a contemporary art gallery in London for several years and subsequently became artistic director at Artcurial in Paris.

Together with her brother, she began to lay the foundations of the Institute in 2006. The Institute looks to continue Bruno Lussato’s legacy and reflects his holistic approach to culture, philosophy and science.

Marina Fédier is currently founder and artistic director of the Bruno Lussato Institute and is therefore better placed than anyone to transmit and perpetuate the memory of her brother.